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Boaters Choice Package


Our Exclusive "No Touch Package"



Local pick-up and delivery to our service center. You get the boat to the designated launch, and we take it from here. At our facility, we undergo a complete engine visual inspection before starting the engine, and while running the engine. Once satisfied, our qualified technicians perform an engine oil change with an oil filter. The oil change includes the filter and up to 5 quarts of oil. We use manufacturer-specific fluids making sure to keep your boat working at peak performance. Next, we do a visual fuel system inspection. We inspect the fuel lines and connections before adding Stabil to your fuel system to ensure the fuel left in the tank is fresh in the spring. After we change your fuel filters, our process is close to being complete. We finish our process with winterizing your motor which also includes a gear lube change. We fog down motors that can be fogged, and we flush the cooling system with marine safe bio-degradable anti-freeze.  Shrink wrap and outdoor storage until June 1st are included in the package.



Once you schedule delivery back to your boat launch, we start the spring commission process. Your shrink wrap will be removed and recycled. We begin with a full battery service and inspection. Charging the battery, cleaning the terminals, and adding an anti-corrosive spray to the connections are part of the process. We test load your battery and generate a printed report which tells you the life your battery has left. Our spring commission includes a multi-point inspection including a running system check, engine cooling check, navigation light check, horn check, steering systems check, fuel line inspection, full grease and lubrication service, plus a power trim and tilt inspection. Once your boat is ready to go, we include delivery back to the local boat launch of your choice.

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